Bath Resuscitation!

Sometimes a customer will present us with a real challenge, we’ll rise to this to give a result you didn’t think possible.

This bath had been used for over ten years by a farmer’s daughter as a watering hole for her horse. She had always said that one day she would like to have it restored and installed in her own home.

Unfortunately after so long in a field, limescale and grime was so baked on to the bath’s surface it was almost impossible to remove. We tried everything from sand paper to acid, power washing and sheep dip but it wasn’t budging.

So, as a last resort we used an angle grinder and some 36 grit pads and finally started to get results.

Once the grime was off it was a matter of antique restoration and some TLC.

As you can see, by the end of a long day we had the bath back to its original glory.